January 9, 2009

Reminiscing about a trip a couple of years ago to Vegas, I found some pics of what was then the new Wynn Hotel. Not so new anymore, but the Parasol Down bar was pretty amazing. Outside a terrace with a huge water cascade wall. Inside gigantic moving parasols hanging from the ceiling. We came upon it simply by accident, and it was honestly breathtaking. It fascinated me from the second I laid eyes on it.

~Vegas, 7am, from our room

~The new Wynn Hotel
~We're used to seeing lots of color in Vegas at Christmas time, but this indoor corridor at the Wynn was really spectacularly bright, colorful and a feast for the eyes. The floors are mosaics made of individually placed 1x1 inch square tiles
~Parasol Down Bar & Cafe

~Headed to the Bellagio where they have an arboretum filled with Christmas scenes constructed of flowers, and ENORMOUS Christmas tree structures made our of Christmas balls

~Last night

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