November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving prep was crazy. Half of the crew was here - my mother, sister, husband, and future brother in law - and we got virtually everything done.

At one point we had pie baking, potato paring, and cheese slicing going on all at the same time. Our kitchen is teeny-tiny, not enough room for that many things to be going on all at the same time. We made it work, though.

Everything was humming along and then we had a visitor. Herb was his name. He took one look at Pork Chop and got into the swing of things. Trying on the Eeyore ears for giggles. Things with Herb started to get a little weird. He started to get in on the cooking action, took one look at the open oven door and he bolted. After a few attempts at flying the coop, he figured hopping in the car was the best way get away.

He'll be back. Herb wouldn't dare miss out on the festive fun tomorrow.

See you soon Herb.

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