November 27, 2008

I took this picture on a trip to Bermuda a couple of years ago. One of the things that strikes me when I look at this picture is that to me, Bermuda collectively presents itself as a cheery, upbeat and generally happy place. From the architecture and landscape to the local citizens, I felt that the beautiful colors of the rainbow was a medium for this expression. Yet in the end, I felt that color completely detracted from this photo. We rented scooters to get around - an exercise in crisis management at every literal turn in the road - and house after house was some bright hue of pastel pink, green, blue, all shades of the spectrum. Even the people presented themselves in the same manner. I kept nudging Big R in the ribs everytime we were travelling somewhere on the bus and a local would hop on and greet everyone with a, "Good morning, everyone!" and then the kicker - everyone would respond, "Good Morning!" I kept picturing someone doing that on the T in downtown Boston - HA!

On that note I say, Good morning everyone and Happy Thanksgiving! The day is here, the festivities will be underway soon, and I am enjoying the quiet solitude of this early morning wake up call. I will spend my day with some of my favorite people, eating some scrumptiously good food all the while relishing the fact that I am lucky enough to have people in my life that I love to love.

This year I am thankful for many things, but I'm not sure I would have enough space to be able to fit them all in this entry. My hope for today - and quite frankly every day - is that I will be apart of more special moments for which I will be thankful. Don't get me wrong, I remain thankful for having a home to live in; being able to see the early morning frost on the grass and car windows from the comfort of my warm and cozy kitchen; enjoying the softness of my fleece robe on my bare arms; hearing the sound that the iced-tea tea maker makes when it's done brewing another batch of tea goodness; giggling at my memories from days (and nights) gone by; ice - especially crushed; light bulbs; having a job; feeling the heat of the sun on my skin; socks; shoes (Vans are rockin' it big time these days); manicures and facials; the right to vote; free speech; public transportation; cameras; french fries and ice cream; cell phones (and Blackberries); underwear; Big R having a job; sunglasses; music ..... the list goes on. I am humbled by the greatness that my life is; my wish for others is that they too enjoy a life as great as mine.
Happy life to all!
Viva thankfullness

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