November 22, 2008

The start

As we become more connected via electronics, the internet, texting, e-mails, IMs, posts, and blogs, I'm finding that it's time for me to begin to engage in the madness. Albeit a bit slower and more cautious, I am joining the ranks of bloggers. So, I sit with my i*tunes playing, heater churning away at my feet, and the end of a slow, lazy Saturday coming to a close.

We're a few days from my favorite day of the year (okay second favorite next to my birniversary), Thanksgiving, and I have been planning the meal for weeks. From side-dishes to the main course, I have been toiling over the menu at every opportunity. It's the first year that I'll be having more than 10 people over. A mere get together for some, but for me, it's a big damn deal. I just bought a 24-pound turkey. It's enormous; it's fresh; it's going to be SPECTACULAR! I can't even pick it up it's so huge.

Cooking on Thanksgiving and having friends and family join me for dinner is by far on my top ten favorites list. It's great to have my brothers, parental units, sister and whomever else can belly up to the table join me in enjoying all the good vibes (and tasty vittles).

I cannot wait to be surrounded by some of my favorite people; and, I'm devilishly stoked that my favorite people that can't be with me to enjoy my yummy food will be missing out on one damn good meal. They know who they are and believe me, they know they're missing out!

Viva Thanksgiving!

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