November 24, 2008

Had dinner for nine at my house last night. Here's what I cooked:

Bruschetta with garlic toast points
Herbed roasted chicken
Vegetarian mushroom lasagna with bechemal sauce
Roasted fingerling potatoes
Rosemary scented honey buttered carrots
Roasted asparagus
Chunky & Chewy brownies (i didn't make these - but my local market makes a damn good variety!)

Everyone says that the lasagna was the best. I wonder if they realize that I used a load full of cheese and butter. YUM....butter - it's my favorite meal accessory!

Last night's dinner was what I'm calling my Thanksgiving Primary, and as it always does the conversation turned to Pork Chop. Pork Chop is our butler. Kind of. We're not sure how old he is, what he's made out of, nor the location of his country of origin; but, we do know that he stands a strapping 3 and a half feet tall, has a cute grin perpetually spread across his face, with a crack over the top of his head spanning from one ear to the other. He stands in the corner with his little tray out stretched in front of him. All the while holding 57 cents, a votive candle holder (with candle), and a jewel embellished hair barrett. All but the candle are completely random and we're not really sure how they got there or to whom they belong. Sometimes Pork Chop dresses up for the occassion, as he did last year. We love our Pork Chop.
Viva Pork Chop!

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